Class 1

Child Birth Education - Stages of Labor


This interactive class will go through the stages of labor, pregnancy anatomy, and fetal development . You and your partner will learn what to expect at every stage of labor. Learn to recognize pre-term labor as well as pre-labor, labor onset, and your progression through the stages of labor. 


Class 2

Child Birth Education - Interventions and Information


This class will walk through all the medical procedures that you could potentially encounter during labor. You will also learn how to ask your medical providers questions so that you can advocate for the birth that you want. You will leave this class with a clear vision of what you want for your child's birth, and how to navigate  interventions with your medical provider.

You will also discuss how to write a birth plan/wishes to share with your doctor and bring with you to birth.


Class 3

Pain Management, Labor Positions & Deep Relaxation

This class prepares you as a team for all the sensations of labor. This workshop mixes yoga with labor positions and pain relief techniques to use during labor. Your laboring partner will gain confidence to help you through labor and birth to help avoid undesired intervention and lessen pain. This class can be taken as a stand alone class. 



Class 4



In this class you will learn about the physiology of breastfeeding, milk production, how to latch and position you baby to prevent soreness and signs that breastfeeding is going well. This class teaches parents how to overcome common breastfeeding challenges, how to identify feeding cues and what it means to establish breastfeeding from day one through meet your long term goals.


Class 5

Newborn Care & Postpartum Health


This class will focus on newborn care as well as postnatal care for mom.

 You will learn how to how to identify normal vs. abnormal newborn appearances, breathing patterns, types of crying, how to soothe a crying baby, establish a sleep routine, SIDS safety, as well as basics like giving your baby it’s first bath, and tips and tricks to ease into parenthood.

Bring your sling, Mobi, Ergo, or whatever you plan to carry your baby with and we will practice proper ways to position and wear your baby.

We will discuss exercise, nutrition, postpartum depression, and ways that you can practice self care and promote maternal well being as you learn how to continuously care for your new baby.